School leaders often need to know information about students, groups or specific topics. This could be a Headteacher requesting information before a meeting with parents, a SENCO requiring information for a review or a Head of Year asking about a possible bullying issue. The most common approach is to use email, pigeon holes or round robins.

When using email - everything gets messy - as notes are in emails and are not organised by student, group or topic. Similarly, paper based pigeon holes or round robins have a slow turnaround too.

School Robins streamlines the process and provides you with timely & organised information.

Save time

School Robins is updated the instant a member of staff replies to information request.

Easy to use

The is no staff training to worry about. All they need to do is answer an email.

Organised information

Each staff response is collated for each student, group or topic and can be printed in a single report.

Response reminders

You can see which staff have replied at a glance & send reminders for those who still need to reply.